me when i get oreos

me when i get oreos


I was just sleeping and I feel like I got touched like in that show called dead like me when a reaper takes a soul and touches the victim anyway felt a big shock though out my body and my head made a weird whooshing sound like a little brain scream it was weird. idk what happened just writing about it.

Sad TImes

Had A dream a while ago before that  the North Korean Kim Jong will die and I will die 6 yrs after and when I woke up I said “Thats one weird dream” Then A month later I hear Kim Jong dies and I get freaked out because as you guessed it, the dream said I will die next after 6 years so Each year for my bday I’m counting down thinking all One less year till I die ugh someone save me death is boring and sad All I want is millions from winning the lottery and then no worry. 

fucking spaggetti

I hate when I ask my dad for a favor to cook me spaghetti because I dont feel good and he doesn’t want to wash his fucking hands bc he touched the dog and then gets mad at me for not doing the spaghetti right  Wtf I just want to win the lotto so I can hire a chef and have something cook for me so I don’t die at 60 from fast food consumption why is it so hard to just get something made the way you want without spending so much money or causing your liver to explode. I don’t wanna get sick and I just want a out.

look at that boot tay ! ;p;